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  China Painting Artists of Maryland Meeting


Sept 11, 2015 Minutes


The meeting started with a prep time for our program.  We base coated our china pieces with Marci's Crystal Magic and set them aside to dry during our business meeting.


The business meeting was called to order at 11:00am with 6 members present.

There was no treasurer report or secretary's report. Both were absent from the meeting.


Kitty took roll call by sharing and passing around the china pieces members brought in.


Kitty also volunteered to take over the office of librarian and offered to keep the library's books in her home. Members will contact her to bring books to the meetings that they wish to check out.  Everyone present also voted to purchase a new book: The Curious Painter by Gene Patterson

It was also brought up to purchase another small booklet off ebay on the uses of gold.

The Library List of books will be updated and Patricia will send it by email to the members.  JoJo will see about posting it on the website.  JoJo has volunteered to oversee or help out with the CPAM website and Joann will be contacted about that.


 We will be setting up a display at the Miller Branch Library in November.  Members can bring their porcelain pieces to the next meeting in Oct. along with notes about the pieces, club and contact info, teacher info, etc.  No price tags are allowed.  Kitty will take them to the library for set up but the china must be wrapped and boxed for transporting.


A Programs sheet was passed to the members to sign up to do a demonstration or teach a painted piece for the following months.


Business Meeting was adjourned at 11:30am

Our program continued with applying luster to the Crystal Magic pieces.  Each member is to take their pieces home to fire and bring them back next month to show.  The Program ended at 12:30pm.

Minutes taken by Patricia Potze